Natural Sources of Protein other than Meat

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Vegetarian Natural Protein Sources

Hi, If you are a Vegetarian and want to know what are the other Natural Sources of Protein other than Meat, then you are at the right place, in today’s article, we will tell you Sources of Protein other than Meat.

We all know that protein is very important for our body, and many people believe that protein can be found only in meat and fish. But it is not right, If you are a vegetarian then you can fulfill your protein from seeds, vegetables, etc.

Sources Of Protein Other Than Meat

Proteins are important for building and repairing the body muscles besides giving energy for a whole day-long schedule. Protein is considered to be the superstar nutrient.

Best Sources Of Protein Other Than Meat
Sources Of Protein Other Than Meat

According to the Nutritionists, almost 0.8 percent of proteins according to body weight.

This means for an adult man or a woman, 45 grams to 55 grams of proteins are required in a single day.

The best source of proteins is meat including beef, turkey, chicken, and seafood. The animal-based proteins provide all the important amino acids that are required by the body for growth.

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But If you are a vegetarian or meat is not easily available around, there are many other sources of plant-based proteins too. Some of them are:


Pulses come from the legume family and it contains beans, The cheapest form of plant-based protein that is rich in iron and is high in fiber too. Besides, the regular consumption of pulses also helps in lowering the cholesterol level.

  • Nuts:

The nuts are not only good to taste, but also provide a high level of proteins. Nuts are packed with fiber that helps in activating the rate of metabolism too. You have various options in this category- walnut, almonds, fig, seeds, cash chew, and others.

Remember, nuts are high in calories, so don’t exceed more than 30 g per day.

  • Cereals and grains:

Brown bread, cereals, and brown rice are also rich in proteins. They are also abundant in fiber and iron as compared to the white ones.

A plate of brown rice with beans sauce and a slice of brown bread with nuts or peanut butter is enriched with proteins that are equivalent to a piece of meat.

  • Dairy:

Your dairy items include milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese. Almost every person consumes dairy products every day. Dairy products are not only rich in proteins, but also are a great source of calcium that is important for the growth of yogurt.

Though dairy items are rich in proteins and calcium, they are highly saturated with fats. You can consume low-fat dairy products to avoid excessive fats and gain body weight

Add a glass of milk to your daily diet at the breakfast or before going to sleep. Cheese can be used raw or in different kinds of pasta and salads.

  • Seeds:

Seeds contain highly unsaturated proteins. They are also enriched with unsaturated fats. If you want to add proteins to your daily diet, you can add seeds to pasta and different kinds of salads.

Seeds are easily available at convenience stores and they can be the best source of protein.

Our Opinion About Sources Of Protein Other Than Meat

Proteins shall be a part of our daily diet plan, as they are the building blocks of our body cells and muscles. Proteins not only build but also repair the body muscles. Though the most recommended source of proteins is meat. But If you are a vegetarian, the above options can also be a better choice to stay strong and energized.

I am a vegetarian, and I also do not eat meat. I usually fulfill my body’s protein requirements with the help of dairy products or seeds.

If you are also a vegetarian, then you should also keep eating Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, etc. Due to this, the supply of protein in your body is easily fulfilled.

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